severity of injury effect of injured person est. compensation
Very severe brain damage Little, if any, response to environment, little or no language function, double incontinence, need for full time care £185,000 – £265,000
Moderately severe brain damage Serious disablement (mental or physical), substantial dependence on others £144,000 – £185,000
Moderate brain damage Moderate to severe effect on metal capability, personality change, reduced sight, speech or other senses, rendered unemployable £98,500 – £144,000
Moderate brain damage Moderate to modest effect on mental capability, ability to work greatly reduced £59,500 – £98,500
Moderate brain damage Concentration and memory reduced, ability to work reduced £28,250 – £59,500
Moderate brain damage Person able to take part in social life and return to work but may suffer poor concentration and memory. May suffer mood swings interfering in lifestyle and work prospects £10,500 – £28,250
Minor head injruy Minimal, if any, brain damage £1,450 – £8,400