severity of injury effect of injured person est. compensation
Serious Fractures of frontal facial bones £15,500 – £24,100
Multiple facial bone fractures Minor permanent facial deformity £9,750 – £15,750
Nose fracture Serious or multiple fractures requiring several operations, possible permanent damage to airways, possible facial deformity £7,000 – £15,200
Nose fracture Displaced fracture, full recovery after surgery £2,600 – £3,350
Nose fracture Displaced fracture requiring manipulation £1,650 – £2,050
Nose fracture Undisplaced fracture with full recovery £1,125 – £1,650
Cheekbone fracture Serious fracture requiring surgery, lasting consequences, possible disfigurement £6,750 – £10,400
Cheekbone fracture Minor fracture, full recovery made after some surgery, little or no cosmetic effects £2,850 – £4,250
Cheekbone fracture Minor fracture requiring no surgery, full recovery made £1,500 – £1,900
Jaw Fracture Very serious multiple fracture requiring extensive treatment, permanent consequences including pain and restricted eating £20,000 – £30,000
Jaw Fracture Serious fracture, lasting consequences such as difficulty opening mouth £11,800 – £20,000
Jaw Fracture Minor fracture requiring immobilisation, full recovery made £4,250 – £5,750

The level of compensation awarded will depend on

  • The level of treatment required
  • The extent of any facial disfigurement
  • The sex of the individual – where a case includes a claim for facial disfigurement
  • The extent of any psychological reaction suffered as a result of any facial disfigurement

If you have suffered facial disfigurement as a result of your injury, you may also wish to look at the levels of compensation awarded for facial disfigurement on the Facial Disfigurement/Scarring page of our Injury Claim Estimator