severity of injury effect of injured person est. compensation
Severe Lasting effects preventing the person working or from functioning as they had previously. Every aspect of the inidividual’s life is affected £40,000 – £66,000
Moderately severe Individual’s ability to function to be affected for the foreseeable future but some recovery is possible with professional help £15,250 – £40,000
Moderate Injured person has recovered with minor lasting effects £5,400 – £15,250
Minor Individual will make a full recovery within two years, only very minor symptoms may persist £2,600 – £5,400

The level of compensation awarded will depend on

  • The effect the disorder has on the individual’s ability to function as they had before its onset
  • The effect of the disorder on various aspects of the individual’s life
  • The extent of any lasting effects
  • The extent to which the individual has, or is likely to, recover from the disorder