Employment Documentation and Policies

Every business needs basic policies and procedures in place. Having basic rules in the workplace makes certain everyone knows what to do.

Dunn & Baker Solicitors can ensure your employment documentation is taken care of.

Good administration makes running business more straightforward. Having written terms of employment, an employee handbook, proper policies and procedures – like ones that take care of discipline and grievance – makes sure employees know what’s expected of them. And it makes sure you treat people fairly, consistently every time.

Dunn & Baker Solicitors help you get the basics in place. We draft documentation that is bespoke to you. Everything we do is tailored – our employment law specialists make sure they understand your business to best support your needs. All documents are prepared in plain, simple English and not legal jargon. Before we start any work, we will explain the likely timescales and costs. If your administration is out of date, we can update as we go. We can even help you train in new policies and procedures too.

To make certain your administration is sound, contact one of our expert employment experts for your FREE initial consultation.


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