Human Resources Advice

Having an expert readily at hand to deal with any Human Resources matter can be a comfort. Dunn & Baker Solicitors have legal experts who work with business owners, executives and Human Resources professionals to support their workplace needs.

Some businesses have a Human Resources department and some do not. Knowing there is an expert who can help your business with any Human Resources matter is reassuring. Drafting contracts of employment, writing policies and procedures, advising on or dealing with disciplinary issues, company handbooks and training are all topics a Human Resources service can assist with.

A Human Resources advice service fits around your needs. They can deal with your matters as and when they arise. Some businesses like to know they have someone retained. Whatever works for your business, you will know what the costs are, what this includes and how it operates. Advice is offered in simple terms without the legal jargon. If you need to change the approach, our service can be adapted to your needs.

To find out how a Human Resources service can help your business, contact us today for your FREE initial consultation.


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