Buying and selling business property

QualitySolicitors can help businesses to buy or sell their commercial property. There are many issues to consider, and we can make sure that you understand every one.

There are a number of issues that need to be considered when buying or selling property. The preparation of a sale contract, negotiating and agreeing terms, searches on the buyer or seller as well as the property and funding, all of which take time. It is a major financial decision to be taken, and taking time to find the best legal advice may be crucial in securing a great deal, not just a good one.

QualitySolicitors works with many business owners, advising them on their commercial property needs. We can help you to prepare. As your property advisor, we will ensure you understand any agreements. We will carry out work on your behalf, such as searches, keeping you informed throughout the process. If we need to negotiate for you, we will conduct this according to the outcomes you want to achieve. You will know the likely costs, timescales and any risks associated with the transaction. And we will make sure everything runs as smoothly as it can, right until you sign the contracts.


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