Family Fact Sheets

A1.       Mediation

A2.       Separation

A3.       The matrimonial procedure (formally called Divorce)

A4.       Children – Parental Responsibility

A5.       Residence and Contact

A6.       The Role of CAFCASS

A7.       Fact Finding Hearings in Contact Proceedings

A8.       Enforcement of Contact

A9.       Child Abduction

A10.   Care Proceedings

A11.   Special Guardianship

A12.   Child Support

A13.   Child Financial Orders

A14.   Adoption

A15.   Change of Name

A16.   Non-Molestation and Occupation Orders

A17.   Being a Respondent in an Injunction

A18.   Harassment and Restraining Orders

A19.   Undertakings in Domestic Abuse Cases

A20.   Ancillary Relief

A21.   Ancillary Relief Procedure

A22.   Clean Break Consent Orders

A23.   Pension Sharing

A24.   Pension Attachment

A25.   Severance of the Joint Tenancy

A26.   Joint Ownership of Property

A27.   Cohabitation Agreements

A28.   Unmarried Couples

A29.   Appearing in Court as a Witness

A30.   Anti Money Laundering Fact Sheet

A31.   What the Courts expect from parents

A32.   Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

A33.   Wills

A34.   Civil Partnership Registration

A35.   Gender recognition Registration

A36.   The Enforcement of Child Support

A37.   Appealing Children Act Orders

A38.   Appealing Ancillary relief Orders

A39.   Application for Fee Remission

A40.   Further Sources of Information

A41.   A step-by-step guide to Legal Aid

A42.   Paying for your Legal Aid

A43.   Terms of Business

A44.   Dissolution of Civil Partnership

A45.      Bankruptcy

A46.      Changes in Public Funding


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