Holiday disputes

If your holiday doesn’t go as planned and it is someone else’s fault, QualitySolicitors can help you claim compensation or damages (small claims limit £10,000).

Holidays don’t always turn out to be the relaxing break you’ve been looking forward to. Flight delays, lost luggage, poor quality or misrepresented accommodation, accidents and food poisoning can ruin a break. After the holiday, knowing if you have a claim, if a breach of contract has occurred, who should be held responsible and what steps you should take may seem as though it is more trouble than it is worth.

QualitySolicitors ensure you complain effectively. We explain what procedures you need to follow. We ask lots of questions to make sure we understand all the facts – what was promised and what fell short of the required standard. We understand what you have done so far and plan with you what to do next. Your options will be explained, as will likely timescales and costs though you will need to be aware that claims worth less than £10,000 (the small claims limit in the County Court) mean that you are unlikely to recover all of your legal costs even if you are successful. . Once we start work on your claim, we promise to keep in regular contact and to answer any questions you have promptly.


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