If you decide to adopt a child, either in the UK or from overseas, having expert legal advice is key. Dunn & Baker Solicitors can support you in this highly complex legal area.

The decision to adopt a child involves a detailed legal process. It usually includes you as the prospective adopter, the children’s guardians and/or birth parents, local authorities and the child. Where the child is being adopted from can produce complications. Consideration may need to be given to matters such as contact with birth relatives.

Conversely, if you object to an adoption, you need to know what to do too.

Dunn & Baker Solicitors legal experts are able to advise you on the adoption process from all sides. Regardless of where you plan to adopt from, options are explained before any action is taken. We clearly outline timescales, costs and what you should be thinking about at every stage of the adoption process. If you are having a child taken away, we can act for you too. We explain things in plain, simple English and make sure you are kept informed throughout. We attend case conferences, at court or negotiate with social workers.

Adoption is a challenging time. To get the best advice contact us today to arrange your FREE initial consultation.


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