If you are contacted by children’s services for any reason then having expert legal advice is vital. QualitySolicitors can support you at this difficult time.

The decision by a Local Authority to become involved with your family when they have concerns about your child can be a very emotional and traumatic experience for everyone. Local authorities have a duty to safeguard the welfare of children who they see as being “in need”. As far as it is possible, their duty is to promote the upbringing of the child within the family by providing a range and level of services appropriate to those child’s needs. The Local Authority will hold meetings to decide what they see as being best for the child before they may have to consider making an application to Court.

However, the only way that a Local Authority may feel able to ultimately safeguard a child is by applying to Court for an Order within Care Proceedings. There are a range of Orders that a Local Authority can seek in respect of a child. The Court must decide which Order, if any, will be in the best interests of the child. The Court requires that the child’s welfare shall be the Court’s main consideration in deciding whether or not to make an order and if so, what type of order. The Court will have the final decision about your child’s future.

In cases where a Local Authority has made an application for a Care or Supervision Order Legal Aid is available for the parents and those with Parental Responsibility to be represented.

QualitySolicitors has expert family lawyers who can advise you on these issues. Regardless of whether you have been asked to attend a meeting or are being told that you may be taken to Court about your child then the options can be explained before any action is taken. We clearly outline all stages of the process and what options may be available to you. We explain things in plain simple English and make sure you are kept informed throughout.


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