Living Together

More couples are now choosing to live together and share their lives without getting married. Whilst emotionally you may feel no different to a married couple; under the law, couples that live together without getting married do not share the same legal rights as those who marry. This can make things difficult if the relationship breaks down in the future particularly in regards to finance and property. If children are involved, it is also important to protect their future as well.

Although separating may be the last thing on your mind presently, if you are currently living with, or intend to live with a partner, it is sensible to plan for the future by creating a living together agreement (sometimes called a cohabitation agreement). This agreement documents the financial arrangements and agreements between you and your partner and in the event you and your partner decide to separate in the future, you will help reduce conflict and disagreement.

We find that those who create a living together agreement whilst in a strong, loving relationship succeed in negotiating a financial agreement in a much more timely and cost effective manner than those dealing with financial matters following a complicated separation at a later date.

We understand that every couple is different and with this in mind we will draft a customised agreement that reflects your personal circumstances. The agreement will seek to protect both you and your partner, detailing each of your responsibilities in the event of a separation. With the agreement in place you can move forward with more certainty and having a better sense of the financial implications that would emerge upon separation.

At QualitySolicitors Dunn and Baker we offer an initial free meeting to explore the issues involved together with the likely costs and timescales particular to your needs.



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