Accidents at Work

An employer is under a duty to take reasonable care of its employees’ health and safety and has a duty to ensure the safety of its employees.

This requires the employer to assess the potential risk of injury against the harm it would cause to employees and the cost of putting safety precautions in place. To satisfy their duty an employer must generally provide:

  • Safe premises and a safe place to work.
  • Safe plant, materials and equipment.
  • A safe system of work and safe working practices.
  • Competent staff as colleagues.

The duties of an employer are not confined to this list and they may be extended to cover other matters, which do not easily fit into one of the above categories. For example, the duty may extend to warning an employee of the risks of employment.

This duty is a personal, non-delegable duty, which means an employer cannot entrust the safety of its employees to anyone else such as an independent contractor.

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