Asbestos claims

A person who has developed a disease such as cancer, mesothelioma or asbestosis as a result of exposure to asbestos at work may be able to bring a claim for compensation.

Exposure to asbestos at work will typically have occurred many years ago. This does not prevent your claim from continuing.

Many workers were exposed to working with dangerous asbestos working on board ships, at the dockyards, working for the MOD, at utility companies, in government buildings and schools.

Employers have, since the turn of the century, been obliged to take reasonable care to ensure that employees are not exposed to a foreseeable risk of asbestos-related injury. Despite this, many employers have disregarded the law and have recklessly exposed employees to asbestos without preventing such exposure from leading to the development of lung disease.

We understand asbestos injury symptoms can be chronic and life changing. We would encourage you to act fast and instruct a specialist lawyer to advance our claim without delay to ensure recovery of compensation to benefit both you and your family.

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