Injuries caused by animals

If you have sustained injuries caused by an animal then you may be able to bring a claim for compensation under the Animals Act 1971.

You may also bring a claim in negligence if you can demonstrate that the person in charge of the animal who caused the injury failed to take reasonable care.

Under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 you may be able to bring a claim if the animal caused an injury while you were a visitor to someone’s premises.

In addition, if a person encourages an animal to attack you, and this causes you an injury, then you may have a claim in trespass against the person for assault.

Finally, if you are injured by an animal at work such as a horse riding facility then you would also be entitled to the protection of the usual workplace health and safety regulations.

The most common animal injuries arise out of horse riding accidents which can be caused by:

  • Road Traffic Collisions
  • A kick from a horse
  • Lack of supervision during or immediately after a lesson
  • Unsuitable horse
  • Bad tempered or unpredictable horse
  • Poorly run business and no risk assessments carried out or records kept
  • Loose dogs chasing , barking or biting horses

The law relating to animal injury claims can be complex. Please ensure you obtain specialist legal advice as soon as possible.

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