Moving Your Current Claim To Us

We understand that some people do not consider their lawyer’s conduct to be acceptable.

It maybe that your current lawyer is simply too busy to take your call, never returns your call, replies to your emails or refuses to meet with you at your convenience.

Alternatively, your lawyer may be many miles away from you and you may not have an opportunity to meet with them to ensure they appreciate exactly how your accident has impacted your life.

You may simply have a clash of personalities.

Can you move law firms?

It is possible to move to a new law firm and your current firm is not allowed to stop you from doing so.

You can move to a new law firm at any time during your claim. However, it is not recommended that you do so when your case is getting very near to a final trial.

If you are considering doing so then it is best to meet with a specialist who can advise you further.

What should you do?

If you cannot resolve your concerns with your current law firm, and you are considering moving to a new law firm, please contact us for a FREE initial consultation.


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