What to do if you are injured at work

If you are injured at work then it is recommended that you (with the help of a colleague or a Union representative if necessary):

  • Make a note of the date and time of your accident;
  • Make a note of the specific location of your accident;
  • Record who you reported your accident to and the date and time of doing so;
  • Make sure your accident is recorded in the accident book;
  • Make a note of the circumstances of your accident, sign and date the note and keep it safe.
  • Make a note of the names and contact details of any witnesses
  • Try to take photographs of the area where you were injured or of the liquid, equipment or machinery which caused your injury.  If your clothes are wet or damaged then photograph them too.
  • Take regular photographs of your injuries to record your symptoms and your rehabilitation.
  • If you suffer injury lifting a heavy load at work then please record what item you were lifting and its weight.
  • Try to take a photograph of the load or item and any label on the load itself confirming its weight.
  • If you go to your GP or are taken to hospital then ensure the treating doctor or nurse make an accurate note of your accident.
  • Try and keep a pain diary to record the pain you experience daily and the effect this has upon you.
  • Keep all of your payslips safe together with all receipts for medication, treatment and parking at the hospital relating to your accident and subsequent rehabilitation treatment.

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