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NewsSocial Media and Relationship Breakdowns

August 16, 2021

Social media is now a part of everyday life for many people. However, it can lead to issues for parties when a relationship breakdown occurs.

Remember, social media is not private and it is not a diary. For the most part, any comments that you make can be seen by all your followers and could be passed to your former partner. This can be particularly important if those posts are then used against you during court.

As an example; you cannot post about taking illegal substances and then deny that you take them when in court. A simple drug test will prove the reality of the situation. If you are subsequently shown to have taken any illegal substances, it will likely impact on any contact that you may have with your children.

It is also unwise to post messages in the middle of the night, or after having alcohol, stating your thoughts and feelings about your former partner and their behaviour. This is rarely helpful and will often inflame an already tense situation. It can also lead to accusations of harassment or abusive behaviour.

Never talk about ongoing proceedings online or post paperwork on social media. This could lead to a contempt of court which could lead to a custodial sentence.

So, how should you deal with social media?

Check who can see your posts. Are they open to everyone or are they limited to just your followers? Do you know who your followers are?

Change your password to make sure that your former partner cannot log into your account and either read things you do not want them to know or, worse, post a message pretending to be you.

In fact, it is sensible to change all your passwords for any accounts that you have for added security – email, bank etc.

Finally, be careful about what you post. Be particularly careful about posting pictures of your children. You cannot post lots of pictures of the children and then expect your former partner not to do the same.

When in doubt, do not post!


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